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About Us

Our Firm

Vryonidou & Savvidou LLC is a Cyprus based boutique law firm offering a variety of services to both individuals and corporations.

We are an idea and solution driven firm, and strongly value the individuality and uniqueness of each of our clients.

We offer the solutions you seek and produce fresh ideas that will open up new opportunities for you as well. We understand that the challenges you face in today's ever changing business environment are numerous and we seek to accommodate those by offering a holistic and hands-on approach to your business and individual needs. Our breadth of experience in both the legal and commercial sectors, coupled with our highly professional approach and combined with a collection of experts and extensive range of partners, both locally and internationally, enable us to understand your individual circumstances, and we offer a personalized service that caters for any legal and commercial advice that you need. Rather than spending vast amounts of time and money in going from expert to expert, we at Vryonidou and Savvidou LLC offer it all in one place.

Our Code of Conduct

Our business is conducted based on our core values:

Fresh: We are an idea and solution driven firm and seek to inject fresh insight and new energy into the traditional strict legal profession. We combine technical expertise, innovation, creativity and ability to think outside the box, in a way that provides our clients with the refreshing solutions they seek.

Committed: We are 'all' for our clients. We provide services that are personalised, efficient and of the highest quality.

Professional: We pride of providing a service that is underpinned by the highest standards of professional ethics, integrity and honesty. We love our firm and we seek to build a reputation that is aligned with our own personal principles and moral standards.