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Community Work

We have a vision; that in our own unique way, with whatever means we possess, we too can create a positive impact to this world. Our profession does not define us; rather we chose to define our profession. We are the good guys; we are fresh, honest, committed, and professional and wish to give back to our community whatever we can afford.

Using the above as our guiding principles, our first initiative is the creation of free Consultation Wednesdays to promote the entrepreneurial spirit in Cyprus. Under this initiative, we invite and welcome any individual and/or business seeking to start up a new business or engage into a new business venture (new market, new service or product etc) or set up a business in Cyprus, to a thirty minute free consultation with us. Consultations can be performed in person, over the phone or over virtual conference. We accept appointments on a first come first served basis or if deemed necessary we shall create group information sessions. We accept requests only via email, and we need you to specify your identity, short description of your situation and the kind of advice you shall be seeking.

If you believe this could be useful to you please book your appointment by contacting us using the contact methods that can be found here.